Monday, September 25, 2006

Brendan wins the Dognose and Catnose

Brendan wins the Dognose and Catnose race over the weekend, more soon

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dognose and Catnose postponed

Dognose and Catnose postponed to Saturday 23rd of September, first gun is 13:55

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Catnose & Dognose

Saturday 16th of September

First Gun: 14:25
High Water Cobh: 13:05
Wind: 16 knots
Temp: 18°C

Monday, September 11, 2006

2007 Sails

The first of the 2007 sails developed for the 2006 worlds has been released from OXO sails.

The current trend seems to revert back to the radial cuts. Landenberger is now testing with a radial construction which he will continue to make using the MAXX material and Steve Brewin has also incorperated the MAXX material into his sails. Glenn Ashby is again comfortable with continuing to sell, what essentially is his sail from the '04 worlds in 2007 using Pentex.

The husband and wife team of Glaser sails are gathering a strong following in North America after a move from Ullman. With Pete Melvin sailing with the latest design at the NA Nationals, which are on at the moment. Both Ashby and Glaser are using a Contender APEN cloth.

Prices (Euro) incl Battens ex VAT.
OXO = 1100
Glaser = 1163
Landenberger = 1480
Goodall = 1580
Ashby = 1640

Monday, September 04, 2006

Round the Island Report

An eventful day had by all, involving a broken outhaul, 2 capsizes, a river pitchpole, a broken headboard (ya the one on the sail Jimmy!), a quadmaran and of course loads of pints to finish the day off.
4 Cats arrived on the start line for the 2006 Irish Examiner Round the Island race, Brendan & Rob Gill sailing A-cats and James & Chris helming their Tigers. Brendan and Rob decided to go out an hour early to get acquainted with the 25 Kts of breeze (and later on each other). After doing a couple of fast reaches up to the eastern end of spike, Rob and Brendan sailed back to the starting area to wait for the gun. Unfortunately the 2 A’s heaving too on opposite tacks proved to be the wrong decision when the two boats interlocked head on. With no control Rob’s boat bore off and I proceeded to sail backwards at 4/5 knots towards Camden. Finally within 30m of Camden I climbed out the bow to capsize the boat push Rob off. Phew!
After the gun, Chris managed the cleanest start on the busy line and we all fetched to the eastern tip of spike (missing James who broke his outhaul prior to the start). Brendan, then Rob, who started to pass Chris but unfortunatly broke his headboard, ending his race. By the time we reached spike the 2 cats had pulled a substantial lead over the mixed fleet. One tack brought Brendan across the top of spike with Chris a few minutes behind having to throw in an extra few tacks due to some unlucky shifts. Then an exciting and very slow bear away in the back channel where the wind was gusting in the late 20’s giving a very scary broad reach back to the finish line off Currabinny peer, which off course had 0 kts of breeze. Unfortunately Chris at this stage was upside down in the backchannel being caught out by a gust on the bear away.
The elapsed time for Brendan in the A-Class was 21 mins 24secs, with a 5 minute lead on corrected time.

Brendan Fafiani wins the Round the Island Race!

Well done to Brendan for winning the round the Island race, There is a story about the pre race set up with Rob Gill, Story on the way!

Yvonne at the 2006 Worlds Photo's

Thanks to Brendan for finding the Worlds Photo's and a new Video clip.

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  • A Worlds Report & Photos (Murray Philpott)
  • Friday, September 01, 2006

    RCYC At Home: We made the RCYC web site!

    Thanks to Brendan for finding the Photo's of the At home
  • Royal Cork Yacht Club News

  • Photo's by Babrielle Morehead

  • A fantastic weekend was had for the members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club as the pinnacle of the season hit fever pitch with the “At Home” regatta kindly sponsored by Neville Jewellers. Over 10 classes took to the water from Optimists to Multihulls and from 1720’s to Cork Harbour One Designs. Excellent fun was had both on and off the water, celebrity team racing, crab fishing competitions, and much more. Superb prizes kindly sponsored by Neville Jewellers.

    An excellent turnout of senior dinghies with the National 18s being won by Peter O’Donovan, with Colin Chapman in second. The multihull sailors were preparing for their up and coming national championship, Rob Doyle sailing an A-class took first with Brendan Faffiani in second with another A-Class and Chris Sheeran sailing a tiger in third.